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Our Female Dogs

Our carefully selected foundation female in our kennel Multi V-Rated Kitana is JLPP clear and have been have been an excellent producing bitch both outcrossed and linebred and has been a corner stone in our breeding program. We pride ourselves on producing strong boned, doggy type females with powerful heads and substance in our breeding program.  We also seek out only the highest quality females bred from both our own breeding program as well as from the best Rottweilers Kennels overseas. We believe that no kennel or line is stronger than its bitches and therefore centre our breeding program around consistent producing bitches. Our foundation bitch Kitana is a brood bitch and produces herself in both her male and female pups with top bloodlines such as Wd. Ch. Astor Von Junipera and Multi Ch. Uno Vom Haus Engel it is no surprse that she has been excellent rated under multiple international judges including but not limited to Vice President of the IFR and IPO Judge Mr Dirk Vandecasteele (Belgium), V rated under FCI Judge Mr Bruno Bortolo Morstabilini (Italy), FCI Judge Mrs Tatyana Popova (Russia), ADRK Herr Siegmund Trebschuh (Germany) and FCI Judge Gerhard O’shea (Sweden) to mention a few.