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Stud Dogs Used

Vanaheim Rottweilers, uses carefully selects Stud Rottweilers and adhere strictly to the Rottweiler international breed standard as well as local K9 associations code of ethics including Dogs NSW and the National Rottweiler Council of Australia (NRCA). We very carefully select stud dogs that complements our bitches with a view to produce better with every breeding we do in our kennel.  Breeding for specific Rottweiler traits we endeavor to consistently breed the big in type Rottweilers with substance and bone and heads that is of large to extra large in size.

We look at all tributes equally and focus on attention to detail like eye colour, mouth pigmentation, stop, zygomatic arch, croup, angulation, pasterns to mention a few.

We collaborate with the top kennels both local to Australia as international kennels across Europe.  See our semen page for more information.