Eminem Vom Hause Edelstein

We are proud to have within our kennel an iconic dog-like Young Champion Eminem Vom Hause Edelstein, who have been awarded Mutli Best Male, BOB, BOS and much more.   Eminem is bred by one of the world-renowned kennels based in Croatia Vom Hause Edelstein. We will be using Eminem in the future to maintain the rottweiler type we love and to be consistent and true to the Rottweiler dogs we’ve fallen in love with from when we first started enjoying Rottweilers since 1999.

Date of birth: 01.03.2017.

HR 17586RW

  • Eye color: 1b
  • HD: free(A)
  • ED: free(0)
  • Height: 66cm
  • Weight: 60kg
Certificat of HD and ED
  • DNA V951084
  • Microchip no. 191035000017602
  • N/N JLPP – Clear
  • ZTP, BH, IGP 1


Roko vom Hause Edelstein
HR 17158 RW

HD free, ED free (HKS)

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Date Location Grade Class Judge