Fis of Nicola’s Lion

We’re chuffed to have extended our gene pool by introducing within our kennel new / additional bloodlines Fis of Nicola’s Lion Imported from Serbia.  We will be using Fis in the future to to complement some bloodlines already introduced by bringing some iconic dogs closer into the pedigree and bringing forth stronger the look and type of Rottweiler we’re love.  Fis is IPO1 and V-Rated with a Hip and Elbow score of 0:0


Date of birth: 14.04.2011

KSS JR 722019RW

  • eye color: Dark Brown
  • HD: free(A)
  • ED: free(0)
Certificat of HD and ED
  • JLPP – Clear
  • IPO I


CH. Fantom Della Val Di Noto

HD: free   ED: free
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Cobra Della Val Di Not

INT. CH. Mambo von der Crossener Ranch
Ketty of nicola’s lion
CH Whitney Of Nicola’s Lion WD. /INT. CH. Bronko od Dragicevica
Herta Mar-Ub
Fedra of Nicola’s Lion

HD: free ED: free
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CH. Deen of Nicolas Lion Strider of Nicolas Lion
Wanda From Naomi’s Stars
Bella of Nicola’s Lion Ex von Grutenblick
Inka of Nicola’s Lion



Date Location Grade Class Judge