Amboss vom Kümmelsee

Amboss vom Kümmelsee is a German import, brought in by our friends @OzEuroRott having the typical German rottweiler traits we love most about this fantastic Breed.  We will no doubt be anticipating using this stud in our program and expect big bone with strong head type rottweilers.  Blending the eastern European lines and the German lines have proven to produce some of the best known stud dogs currently doing well on the European show circuit.   Introducing this stud into our breeding program will further provide us with extraordinary working bloodlines that will maintain the drive and temperament attributes in the Rottweilers we endeavor producing and providing to the Australian market.

Date of birth: 06.02.2014.

  • eye color: 1b
  • HD: free(A)
  • ED: free(0)
  • JLPP free
Certificat of HD and ED
  • DNA
  • Height: 66cm
  • Muzzle: 8,5 cm


Ekko vom Kümmelsee

ADRK 119245

Quex vom Kümmelsee
ADRK 115924
Umbro vom Sittard
ADRK 109403
Nikita vom Kümmelsee
ADRK 107030
Jola vom Kümmelsee
ADRK 113462
Henry von den Hassberghöhen
ADRK 108836
Vivi vom Kümmelsee
ADRK 110363
Haifa vom Kümmelsee
ADRK 120015
Elvis von der Mühlbachstrasse
ADRK 115574
Mambo von der Crossener Ranch
ADRK 099808
Josy von den Hassberghöhen
ADRK 111705
Patia vom Kümmelsee
ADRK 115892
Xedor vom Kümmelsee
ADRK 110725
Wichita vom Kümmelsee


Date Location Grade Class Judge
24.08.2018 West Coast Rottweiler  Club of WA – Australia National Rottweiler Show 2018 V4 Intermediate Fernando Lucas Martins (Portugal)