Racko of Torma House

Racko of Torma House is a Serbian import, brought in by Frozen Semen from our good friend Branko Torma who is the owner of Torma House Rottweilers. We will no doubt be anticipating using this stud in our program in the near future and expect big bone with strong head type rottweilers being produced.  Blending the eastern European lines and the German lines have proven to produce some of the best known stud dogs currently doing well on the European show circuit.   Introducing this stud into our breeding program will further provide us with extraordinary working bloodlines that will maintain the drive and temperament attributes in the Rottweilers we endeavor producing and providing to the Australian market.

Date of birth: 06.02.2014.

  • eye color: 1b
  • HD: free(A)
  • ED: +-
  • JLPP free
Certificat of HD and ED
  • Height: 68cm
  • Muzzle: 8,5 cm


S: Tks Ivan The Great
TK'S Ivan the Great
Vikko Della Val Di Noto Fantom Della Val Di Noto
Carla of Nicolas Lion
TKs Black Star Uzi Flash Rouse
Handa Black Allusion
D: Josephine of Torma House
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Herta Vom Hause Zizakov
Fiesta Timit-Tor Rex Timi-tor
Fortuna of Damnjanovica





Date Location Grade Class Judge