Devnil Deepkash Nand – Fiji Island

I have recently Imported a dog from Vanaheim Rottweilers and I intend to import another 2 dogs from them over the next 12 – 24 months my boy arrived in top condition and super happy and healthy. The process is a lengthy one which includes health tests done by a local Australian vet and a second health check by Jet Pets the pet traveling company All the results are sent to our biosecurity before we get a clearance permit. Then the dog comes to quarantine and an international head vet checks the dog again and it remains in quarantine for 2 weeks, only then is the dog cleared. Vanaheim Rottweilers has been very professional and patient throughout the entire process and would highly recommend them if you’re thinking of importing a Rottweiler from Australia. You are most welcome to contact me directly if you have any questions. Thanks you Vanaheim Rottweilers for my amazing boy HULK, it was well worth the effort and the wait.