How to tell if my puppy is a real Pedigree Dog:

There are many “Registries” popping up in Australia that claim to give a “breeder” some credibility which enables them to register puppies.

If you are inquiring about a Pedigree pup then you need to know the following;

Please Note – There is only ONE registry for Pedigree Pure Breed Dogs in Australia and that is the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) which is recognised worldwide as the only Australian Pedigree Pure Breed Registry. The ANKC is made up of 8 bodies, one for each State or Territory of Australia –  i.e: Dogs Victoria, Dogs NSW, Dogs ACT, Dogs Queensland, Dogs SA, Dogs West, Dogs NT, Dogs Tasmania.

In order to be a member of a State Canine Council, the “Breeder” must be registered with them and hold a breeder’s prefix.
Simplest way to know if your dog has the right paperwork is to check with the applicable State / Territory body that the breeder resides in that you are inquiring about a potential puppy from, and confirm if they are in fact a current financial member. You could very easily confirm by calling – Dogs VIC or Dogs NSW etc and ask the question before you pursue an interest in a puppy from that “breeder”. Sometimes Breeders may also be suspended for breaching rules and or regulation.

All other registries in Australia DO NOT ensure that you are getting a World Wide recognised Pedigree Dog.

The registries listed below are NOT ANKC recognised;

RPBA  –  Responsible Pet Breeders of Australia 

MDBA  –  Master Dog Breeders and Associate

FFFCDB  –  Fur and Family First Companion Dog Breeder Inc

AAPDB  –  Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders

NCPI  –  National Companion Pets Institute

Here is a website to help if you believe you have been scammed

Fake Puppy Sites Australia