Vanaheim Mona Lisa (ai)

Mona Lisa is co-owned and loved by Jean Martin and family and is another product of Gaston Earl Antonius and our most anticipated import female Chiquita of Stjepanic House “Chiquita” – this makes Vanaheim Mona Lisa aka Bonnie a 4:4 Line-breeding on the most iconic males Tito Earl Antonius and one that has added to alot of Kennels breeding programs around the world and is behind alot of the top show dogs pedigrees around the world bred by the famous Earl Antonius Kennel in Serbia. This female has been doing exceptionally well in the Rottweiler Specialty shows taking out V1 and Best Junior Bitch in Show under FCI Rottweilers Specialist Judge: Gerard Oshea (Sweden) and V2 under FCI Rottweiler Judge Eduardo Diaz Andres in the National Rottweiler Championship Sieger 2023 at the Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of New South Wales. This is another female that will be a cornerstone in our breeding program as we integrate new European Champion Bloodlines into our already well-established European and Australian lines.  She will be adding a strong but feminine head type, strong bone, and very good substance complementing our already consistency in Type.

She has also taken out a BISS in the all breeds show see her pictures below.

At  Vanaheim Rottweilers we carefully select stud dogs and use them to compliment the right bitch they are put over.  This reiterates how important it is to us to plan all of our litters and ensure we move forward with our breeding program by producing pups that are superior to their parents.  An old breeder that is very knowledgable once told me, “if a pup is not an improvement on the mother or father it’s no point in keeping it in your kennel”.  We always on the lookout to source and acquire semen from the highest caliber dogs from kennels and breeders from all around the world all to ensure we advance our kennel and bloodlines and sustain the future of our kennel and maintain our competitive edge in the ring. We do all of the above without sacrificing the importance of building and maintaining long-term valued relationships with both local and international breeders.

Date of birth: 06.04.2022.

HKS HR 16355 RW
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FCI Certificat of HD and ED
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I. generation II. generation III. generation IV. generation
Gaston Earl Antonius


V.ADRK WINNER 2018 MICHAEL CORLEONE VON HAUSE LEROY Edge vom Carrabba Haus Ians Yago vh Walker
Filly von Hause Leroy Leroy van Haysherak
Bea of House Miscevic
Mimi Earl Antonius  Hasko vom Kronenberg Quadro vom Kümmelsee
Bonny vom Kronenberg
Diva Earl Antonius  Tito Earl Antonius
Bianca of Silver Fild
Chiquita of Stjepanic House


Int. Ch. Vico Von Der Maxi Rott Nick Von Der Maxi Rott Tito Earl Antonius
Gita Von Der Maxi Rott
Alis Zara Cro Rott Santo Flash Rouse
Shana vom Hause Edelstein
Dasha of Stjepanic House Lex Vom Hause Edelstein Brabus Vom Hause Edelstein
Cym Od Vadanora
Barbie of Stjepanic House Paco Black Allusion
Ingrid of Stjepanic house


Place Judge Class Tittle
Oct 2022 Rottweiler Club of NSW Tony Marsh (New Zealand) Baby Puppy VP3
Oct 2022 Rottweiler Club of NSW Barron Patrick-Africa Baby Puppy VP2
April 2023 Norther Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW Gerard Oshea (Sweden) Junior V1, Best Junior in Show
April 2023 Norther Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW Eduardo Díaz Andrés (Spain) Junior V2, RUBISS
May 2023 Rottweiler Club of Victoria Johan Fischer (South Africa) Junior SG2
September 2023 Rotweiler Club of NSW Patricia Hall (Australia) Junior V1, Best Junior in Show
October 2023 Rottweiler Club of NSW Lazar Tatomir (Serbia) Junior V2
November 2023 Rottweiler Club of Victoria Guido Rappold (Germany) Ausbred V1, Best Australian Bred in Show, RBCC