Octavia of Torma House

Date of birth: 13/09/2021

Octavia is born and bred in Serbia by our good friend Branko Torma who runs and owns Torma House Rottweiler Kennel and Rottweiler Agency Training Centre.  Sired by Tor vom hause Drobny (son of Multi Club Sieger and V.ADRK Winner 2018) who was put to Dam Karla von der Maxi Rott (Croatia) and is currenlty being trained in Serbia before joining the Vanaheim Rottweilers Show team down under.  We anticipate Octavias arrival October / Novermber of 2022. We are super excited to bring this new bloodlines into the Australian Gene Pool and to her show career in Australia.  Big thanks to Branko and the Torma House Rottweilers Team.

Videos of Octavia doing some show training in thick snow of Serbia 😍


I. generation II. generation III. generation IV. generation
Sire: Tor Vom Hause Drobny

S: Ch. Michael Corleone Von Hause Leroy
S:Ch. Multi Sieger, Multi V1, CAC, BOS, BIS ZTP SCH3 BH Edge Vom Carrabba Haus

S: CH Ians Yago vh Walker


D:Filly Vom Hause Leroy

 S: CH. Leroy van Haysherak

D: Bea of Housemiscevic

D: Capri Singidunum Rott S: CH.SRB, CH.BiH multi V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB Mauser of Nicola’s Lion

S:Zews of Nicola’s lion

D: Fanta of Nicola’s Lion

D: Multi Siegerin, Multi Champino Candy Vom Hause Drobny

S:IFR world best Producer Lex vom hause Edelstein

D: bonny vom hause luka

Dam: Karla Von Der MaxiRott

S: Ch. Dizel Earl Antonius

S: IFR Youth World Winner Vico Von Der MaxiRott

S: Nick Von Der MaxiRott

D: alis zara cro rott

D: Diva Earl Antonius

S: Tito Earl Antonius BH, ZTP, IPO I, AD

D: Bianca of Silver Fild KG

D: Zana Von Der MaxiRott

S: Nick Von Der MaxiRott

S: Tito Earl Antonius BH, ZTP, IPO I, AD

D: Gita Von Der MaxiRott

D: Kimi Vom Charco

S: DT VDH CH Lacky von der Südpfalz BH, AD, VPG1, IPO2

D: Eyline vom Nienburger Land