Ch. Vanaheim of Stjepanic House

Serbian Champion Vanaheim of Stjepanic House “Vana” comes to us from our good friends in Serbia Stjepanic House Rottweilers.  Stjepanic House Rottweilers have bred over 70 Champions and is a well known Serbian kennel across Europe and competing at the very top level.  Vana is sired by iconic Maicon Imperial Warrior France (F: Nivaro Jr. X M: Vega of Royal Musketeers) and Brit of Stjepanic house Servia (F: Arkan Haus of Rotties X M: Anet of Stjepanic House).  This female will be a pillar in our breeding program as we integrate new European Champion Bloodlines.  She will be adding bone and substance complementing our already consistency in Type.

We look forward to her first litter which will be sired by Bomber Od Lovrica which will see some of this offspring fly back to Stjepanic House to compete in the European Show Circuit.  Special thanks to Milos (FotoRott).

At  Vanaheim Rottweilers we carefully select stud dogs and use them to compliment the right bitch they are put over.  This reiterates how important it is to us to plan all of our litters and ensure we move forward with our breeding program by producing pups that are superior to their parents.  An old breeder that is very knowledgable once told me, “if a pup is not an improvement on the mother or father it’s not point in keeping it in your kennel”.  We always on the lookout to source and acquire semen from the highest calibre dogs from kennels and breeders from all around the world all with a view to ensure we advance our kennel and bloodlines and sustain the future of our kennel and maintain our competitive edge in the ring. We do all of the above without sacrificing the importance of building and maintaining long-term valued relationships with both local and international breeders.

Date of birth: 02.06.2018.

HKS HR 16355 RW
  • Eye color: 2b
  • HD: Frei
  • ED: Frei
  • NRCA Mouth Certificate
FCI Certificat of HD and ED
  • DNA
  • Height: 63cm
  • JLPP Free


I. generation II. generation III. generation IV. generation
Maicon Imperial Warrior
HD-frei  ED- frei
Nivaro Jr. Nivaro lug de burg CH BUL Bronx od Vadanora BH
3X J CAC Lima lug de burg IPO1
HILA FUSADJO Saber hause of lazic
Yumca house of lazic
Vega of Royal Musketeers Brabus vom haus edelstein JCHSRB-HR-BIH-BEL Uzi Flash Rouse
V2, RES.ANW.DT.CH.VD Chiquita vom Hause Edelstein
Boa of Royal Musketeers INT/DT/VDH CH Morro von der Scherau ZTP, IPO I
Quana vom Hause Edelstein
Britt of Stjepanic House

HD-frei Ed – frei

Arkan Haus of Rotties Noddy Futogline Tito Earl Antonius
Jossy Futogline
Uma of Stjepanic House Paco Black Allusion
Ingrid of Stjepanic house
Anet of Stjepanic House Cochise from Royal Breed Kochiz from Royal Breed
Electra from Royal Breed
Ingrid of Stjepanic house Meda
Dee-Dee von dem Kirschenplatz


Place Judge Class Tittle