Vanaheim Notorious BIG (AI)

Vanaheim Notorious BIG aka Biggie is co-owned and loved by our good friends Sura and Pat he is the produce of UK Champion Gaston Earl Antonius and one of our top producing females Petrovrotti Catalina who is a daughter of the infamous Eminem Vom Hause Edelstein. Vanaheim Notorious BIG is a total outcross and is a substantial boy with a very strong temperament, strong bone, super substance and a powerful iconic head type. Biggie Smalls has been shown under 2 international judges and have done super well getting very promising ratings under both judges.  He has some of the top European Champion Bloodlines including but not limited to Ch. Lex Vom Hause Edelstein, World Champions Imperator Vom Hause Zschammer and more and we look forward to watch him grow with a view of him becoming one of our more popular studs.

He will be purely shown on the Rottweiler Specialty Show circuit and his co-owners look to be doing BH and IPG in the future with him as he loves to work with his high prey drive and working temperament that comes from his very famous great grandfather Hasko vom Kronenberg.

At  Vanaheim Rottweilers we carefully select stud dogs and use them to compliment the right bitch they are put over.  This reiterates how important it is to us to plan all of our litters and ensure we move forward with our breeding program by producing pups that are superior to their parents.  An old breeder that is very knowledgable once told me, “if a pup is not an improvement on the mother or father it’s no point in keeping it in your kennel”.  We always on the lookout to source and acquire semen from the highest caliber dogs from kennels and breeders from all around the world all to ensure we advance our kennel and bloodlines and sustain the future of our kennel and maintain our competitive edge in the ring. We do all of the above without sacrificing the importance of building and maintaining long-term valued relationships with both local and international breeders.

Date of birth: 09/01/2023


I. generation II. generation III. generation IV. generation
Sire: Ch. Gaston Earl Anotious

No photo description available.

S: Edge vom carrabba haus S: Ians Yago vh Walker
D: Filly von Hause Leroy S: Italy Ch. Leroy van Haysherak
D: Bea of housemiscevic
D: Mimi Earl Anotnius

Mimi Earl Anotnius

S: Hasko vom Kronenberg S: Quadro vom Kümmelsee
D: Bonny vom Kronenberg
D: Diva Earl Anotnius S: Tito Earl Antonius
D: Bianca of Silver Fild
Dam: Petrovrotti Catalina (AI)No photo description available. S: Eminem Vom Hause Edelstein

No photo description available.

S: ROKO vom Hause Edelstein S: Deacon vom Hause Edelstein
D: Zari vom Hause Edelstein
D: LOTTA Vom Hause Edelstein S: Brabus vom haus edelstein
D: Cym od Vadanora
D: Petrorotti Masha (ai)

Petrovrotti Masha

S: Int. Ch. Lex Vom Hause Edelstein S: Brabus vom haus edelstein
D: Cym od Vadanora
D: Petrovrotti Gila S: World Champion Imperator Vom Hause Zschammer
D: Petrovrotti Aksa