We import semen from around the world to continue to produce the best Rottweilers in Australia.  We also export semen from our males we breed world wide.  Below is some information on the different types of semen insemination methods and more.

The techniques of utilising frozen semen breeding in Rottweilers is no novelty, although new and or unavailable in some countries. It has long been a method use for bringing new bloodlines to Australia without the hefty associated costs of bringing the live dog.

There are 2 methods of AI –

1.) Surgical AI (SCI) –

2.) Trans Cervical Insemination (TCI) –

Vanaheim Rottweilers can provide frozen semen from the following quality Rottweilers.

At Vanaheim Rottweilers we are dedicated to going beyond Australian borders to find the right dogs / bloodline(s) which we believe are worth both using in our kennel and preserving for future use to the right female.

We select the best bloodlines and bring in international dogs via frozen Semen from all around the world and use it in our breeding program, be it Old German Lines or Eastern Block European lines from champion dogs as well as dogs with all sorts of titles incl. (but not limited to) IPO3 SCH3, BH, AD, ZTP.

To date we have acquired semen from a number of dogs which we believe will add enormous value to our breeding program both in the near future and the long term. Semen enables us to be flexible when it comes to bringing the “old lines” back into the present and future dogs.  Listed on this page is a list of semen of dogs we currently have and some of which we’ve used within our breeding program to date.  

We are actively pursue working with both local and international kennels to expand our semen collection to bring new lines into our breeding program to assist us in our journey and at the same time to maintain our competitiveness in the show ring.

In saying that, well also like to do our bit in assisting fellow Rottweiler breeders by adding to the Rottweiler gene pool of Australia.

Please fee free to contact us if you are interested in any of the semen currently listed here by using the contact us page or simply message us to our Facebook page.