Devnil Deepkash Nand – Fiji Island

I have recently Imported a dog from Vanaheim Rottweilers and I intend to import another 2 dogs from them over the next 12 – 24 months my boy arrived in top condition and super happy and healthy. The process is a lengthy one which includes health tests done by a local Australian vet and a second health check by Jet Pets the pet traveling company All the results are sent to our biosecurity before we get a clearance permit. Then the dog comes to quarantine and an international head vet checks the dog again and it remains in quarantine for 2 weeks, only then is the dog cleared. Vanaheim Rottweilers has been very professional and patient throughout the entire process and would highly recommend them if you’re thinking of importing a Rottweiler from Australia. You are most welcome to contact me directly if you have any questions. Thanks you Vanaheim Rottweilers for my amazing boy HULK, it was well worth the effort and the wait.

Carmen Tay – Singapore

Took us a while to find the right breeder and we are glad to have imported our pup from Vanaheim Rottweilers. Vanaheim was and is very patient with our endless questions before and after importing our lovely pup, will definitely recommend Vanaheim!

Huixian Guo – Beijing China

We’ve imported a male and a female from Vanaheim from different parents with a view to have them as family pets but also with an option to breed if we want to.  These pups has fit in very well with my young family and we love them so much.  Thank you Vanaheim for this 2 beautiful dogs.  We will forever be grateful and if ever we buy again some dogs we will come back to you. Five * #VanaheimRotts

Albert Sulemani – Melbourne VIC

I’d just like to say a very big thank you to Leizel and Oliver for giving us our ripper of a girl.  She is very well bred and a show dog living up to every sense of the word.  I cannot recommend Vanaheim Rottweilers more highly and I’m sure all the other owners feels the same way. #VanaheimRotts

Alerta and Greg – Perth WA

In a time of grief after losing our boy, Leizel and Oliver have reinvigorated our love and passion for the breed. Their transparency and openness around educating us on the breed has given us a renewed trust for breeders. They have taken us on a journey and helped get us into the ring with our boy winning best pup in show with no prior experience.  We’d like to thank the Vanaheim team and definitely recommend their kennel if you keen to have an old fashioned Rottweiler with a stable yet protective temperament, for show, work or pet Vanaheim covers it all. Thanks again!

Michelle Hartman – Sydney NSW

I cannot thank Oliver and Leizel from Vanaheim Rottweilers enough for the beautiful girl we picked up 11 months ago. Their pre-purchase advice and after purchase care is second to none. My girl is the most placid and stunning Rottie we’ve ever owned, with fantastic results in the show ring. I highly recommend Vanaheim for any person considering extending their family with a Rottweiler.

Matt and Ele – Sydney NSW

We feel so lucky to have found Oliver and Leizel at Vanaheim Rottweilers. We were invited to meet their beautiful dogs with our toddler and were really impressed by their willingness to answer all of our questions. It was important for us that the puppy joining our family had the correct temperament, and this was where the Vanaheim team stood out. Upon bringing our girl home her sweet nature shone through, she is so gentle with our very excitable young boy. She’s adjusted well to her new house, and we now have a gorgeous girl who adores our son, and vice-versa. We have no doubt that should we need advise or assistance going forward that it will be generously provided. We cannot recommend Vanaheim highly enough.

Tania and Matthew – Perth WA

After intense research and breeder scrutiny we decided to enter a partnership with Vanaheim Rottweilers and were united with our boy Zeus whom quickly became the heart of our household.  We were skeptics to say the least but the preparation, support and guidance we received from the team at Vanaheim left all trepidation at the door and we were able to welcome Zues with open arms.  We still receive enormous support from Vanaheim and we highly recommend them if you’re considering starting your journey or even add or enhance it when considering a Vanaheim puppy.

Avdo Skender – Perth WA

I’ve been keeping an eye on Vanaheim Rottweilers website admiring their dogs and the imported semen they have of European Champion dogs.  I’ve called Oliver and he was very professional and have been kind enough to sell me some semen for my breeding program.  This was semen that was no where else available and he has really given me a good price.  Very experienced and have extensive knowledge about his bloodlines and what he is trying to achieve in his kennel has been nothing short of inspirational.  Thanks for all your input and advice Oliver and most of all for the International Champion Uno Vom Haus Engel semen provided.  Appreciate it mate.  All the best for your future endeavors and I’m sure we will work together in the near future.

Mark Ruecroft – Canberra ACT

After searching high and low in Canberra we’ve decided to extend our search and we’re happy we did.  We stumbled across Vanaheim Rottweilers and 2 trips later to Sydney we’ve secured our Beautiful call.  We have been in contact ever since and Leizel and Oliver has helped us tremendously from Nutrition to training advice that has given us the confidence and know how to help our girl settle in from day one and she is well in her comfort zone today.  Thanks again Leizel and Oliver for a well bred Rottweiler, would definitely go no where else in the future when it comes to Rotties.